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[Squad - An alternative RAAS proposal] - [2.9.2020; 11:31:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
[Squad - B21 - First Highlights] - [12.8.2020; 11:07:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]

  • Squad - Beta 21 - just got released and here are my first highlights. The reduced moving speed, although only 2 percent, is good move into the right direction. Russians also finally have a good and fast MRAP counter-part.

    Today B21.1 should be released featuring new rally point and a new FOB bleed out mechanic.


[Squad - Battle Stories E08 - Das letzte Gefecht] - [1.8.2020; 3:39:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]

  • Another one in german. Enjoy,

[Squad - Perfect HAB Takedown (german)] - [29.7.2020; 3:08:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]

  • Featuring *DAMN Elandrion.
[Squad - Narva Invasion] - [29.7.2020; 3:08:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
[OMG *DAMN is 20, TWENTY(!), years old.] - [13.6.2020; 10:38:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Today, 20 years ago, *DAMN was founded.

    Wow. Just wow. Were did all the time go?

    It has been an incredible ride for so many years until we all grew older and Intel Macs made tactical shooters on Mac non existent. After Raven Shield no more tactical games appeared. And Call of Duty 4 was the last major FPS release for Mac.

    Although it all came to an end there are so many fond memories thanks to you. Building one of on the first eSports leagues together with you, the *DAMN Battle League. Special thanks to all the hard PHP work from *DAMN Elandrion. Working on tons of mods for and with you like the epic Island Thunder community conversion. *DAMN Cronberg's AppleScript tool to speed up PC - Mac conversions , thousands of forum discussions. It was a awesome and wonderful time. That of course was also a lot of hard work to maintain and would have been impossible without the dedication of our epic forum and *DBL admin team of up to 30 people. You know who you are BFG, Civic, GhostSniper, Lynx, mesa, Mysterio, Monoman, Cookie, Lone-Wolf, Hazard, Phara, vooDoo, Tigah, Grifter(RIP), Flies (RIP) and all others that have helped over the years. Thank you so much!

    What a pity that we couldn't easily record and share Let's plays of *DAMN Battle League games back then. I would have loved to create a short anniversary movie with a best of and rewatch some epic clanbattles.

    Happy birthday *DAMN and all the best to you, who were part of it for so many years.


    *DAMN Mauti
    ps.: comments and memories go to this forum thread.
[System fixes] - [10.4.2020; 11:23:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • *DAMN R6 is nearing its 20th anniversary. The current website and it's underlying system is now 17 years old and still running. Thanks to good old PERL scripts. However the upgrade to https caused some issues and forms not working. I fixed the most important ones so I can e.g. still post some news here. Also the screenshot enlargment script has been fixed and is working again.

    Stay healthy and keep on gaming.

    Yours since almost 20 years,



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-[Squad - An alternative RAAS proposal
-[Squad - B21 - First Highlights
-[Squad - Battle Stories E08 - Das letzte Gefecht
-[Squad - Perfect HAB Takedown (german)
-[Squad - Narva Invasion

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