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[Squad Nights] - [22.7.2019; 10:59:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
[19 years!!!] - [13.6.2019; 11:10:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • 19 years and still online.

    Happy memories, *DAMN.
[Superthin gaming mousepad] - [6.6.2019; 3:14:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • I recently switched my 4mm Razer mouse pad with a Logitech G240 1mm thin mousepad and it's plays lovely. You hardly notice the height on your wrist and super smooth surface feels great when you move your mouse.

    It is also pretty resistent versus cat hair.

    The only disadvantage I found is that the logo on the lower right takes away some space to use.

    You can get the mouse pad here:


    For other countries or eBay you may wanna use this link:
    Logitech G240 via Trufflepiggy

    Do you have a favourite mouse pad?
[Taking Insurgent Checkpoint] - [6.6.2019; 3:06:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Check out my Squad v13 Firefights Episode 6:

[Scouting Yehorivka] - [21.5.2019; 4:30:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Scouting and flanking as british lone wolf:


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