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All about *DAMN

  • *DAMN is an excellent band of guys who play the Rainbow Six. Crazy Mofos if you will.The elite...the best of the best. An online frat. An all in all great bunch of guys who are just looking for some fun. Just feeling like you are part of a group...a team...a squad. Our own online militia. *DAMN represents all that is pure in life. *DAMN is the embodiement of evil....and remember....evil always wins, because good is dumb. Praying upon the weak and insecure...heh heh heh *devious grin while wringing hands* Or...we could be the "Robin Hoods" of GameRanger. God knows we avenge the small bands of outcasts and has-beens in the face of danger and repressing morons. Anywho, we kick ass and will continue to kick ass...thats all. SHAFT! CAN YOU DIG IT? (pardon for my oddball talkings....in all seriousness i was knocked in the head by my girlfriends older brother when he walked in on us about 45min ago....but aside from that, im great....CHEERS!!) - *DAMN Postal Worker

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