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[*DAMN's 17th anniversary] - [13.6.2017; 4:01:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [2]
  • Another year, another anniversary. Today *DAMN is 17 years old.

    Many of our former members are playing R6:Siege nowadays, some others like Tigah moved on to ARMA3. I recently tried out Squad and I liked but it needs a lot of commitment and each round is rather long. So no game for some short jump in and out action. Right now I spend some of my free time with SWAT 4. I love the police feeling - but have to play it online yet.

    Last but not least I'm excited how Insurgency: Sandstorm will be. It should be presented today at #E32017.


    *DAMN Mauti
[SWAT 4 now on GOG.com] - [7.6.2017; 8:24:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • I finally had the chance to play SWAT 4 - Gold Edition after all those years. And the game is a blast. Always treated as R6 competitor I have to say its an entirely different kind of beast. It just plays in a similiar environment. Very fun - especially the second mission was a marvel.

    Right now its even on sale. So you might wanna grab it for a few bucks if you haven't played it yet - SWAT 4 - Gold Edition on GOG.com


    ps.: to add widescreen-support, enable vsync and change texture filtering to x16 check this site.


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