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[Scouting Yehorivka] - [21.5.2019; 4:30:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Scouting and flanking as british lone wolf:

[Squad v13 - Fire in the Woods - Firefights Ep. 05] - [8.5.2019; 6:50:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Another Squad mini-story:

[This is SQUAD - Stranger Things 3] - [2.5.2019; 7:43:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • What happens when Squad meets Stranger Things? Watch for yourself.

[This is Squad Episode 01] - [23.4.2019; 1:00:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • This is Squad - The impossible defense of Ammo Hill - Episode 01

[Squad - Bobby Brown - Strike or by Stryked] - [3.4.2019; 8:25:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Another Squad video this time as a BTR gunner together with Bobby Brown.

[Squad and Post Scriptum Sale] - [23.3.2019; 1:27:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
[US patrol caught in a firefight] - [23.3.2019; 1:21:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Another Squad video. This time a short US patrol firefight with post-added weather effects:

[Squad - Russian Battle for Hemp Farm - Battle Stories E02] - [18.3.2019; 1:32:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Russian Battle for Hemp Farm my second Squad Battle Story - this time fully in german and in a 21:9 ultrawide format.

[Squad - MTLB Madness letsplay] - [7.3.2019; 3:14:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • My latest Squad letsplay using an abandoned MTLB to defend Geneva Apartments.

[Squad - CQB Defense at Sumari - 1-kill 1-death E01] - [26.2.2019; 7:34:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • My latest Squad letsplay defending the most southern bridge until I die.

[Squad - Battle Stories Episode 01 - Secure Central Barracks] - [19.2.2019; 11:54:AM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • As you know I'm playing a lot of Squad lately and I really enjoy the tension and tactical gameplay. Using the landscape to your advantage is a big factor as well as constant team communication. Soon version 13 should be released and then I guess they will also have a free weekend again.



[My gaming mouse with perfect Mac support] - [18.12.2018; 5:11:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • I recently had a discussion about gaming mice so why not writing a quick heads up what I'm currently using:

    Since a year I use a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB with 12.000 DPI. It's very comfortable (for right hand mouse users only), offers a very easy to use software for PC and Mac to create and store custom profiles and is very reliable (no stuck cat hairs that irritate its optics). 6 usable buttons and the ability to scroll in both directions make it very versatile. I also love the quick "sniper" button to select a different DPI on the fly.

    The only thing that could be really improved is the scroll wheel: it is very loud and the I don't like the gear tooth size. I prefer a smooth wheel without any gearing or at least a very fine toothing.

    Beside that I'm really satisfied and it also features RGB lighting, a very high DPI, and last but not least you can tune the balance with integrated weights. The G502 usually costs 50 USD/EUR or less.

    Here are some Amazon affiliate links if you want to quickly check it out:

    - Amazon.ca
    - Amazon.com
    - Amazon.de


    *DAMN Mauti
[Overview of tactical games in 2018] - [18.12.2018; 4:35:PM by *DAMN Mauti] - [0]
  • Here is a short list of tactical games you might wanna try out:

    Squad: currently my favourite game. A game with huge maps focusing on team work and one of the few games where you can really use terrain for your tactical advantage. Rounds last typically about 45 - 90 minutes and it's not a game for a quick round inbetween as lone wolf. However the map environment allows for perfect story telling so in a 1 hour round you gonna experience many single enemy encounters that are more satisfying than a full round of other FPSs. Last but not least it has an incredible sound design.

    - My steam review of Squad v11
    - joinsquad.com
    - Buy it on Humble Bundle

    Post Scriptum: a stand alone total conversion of Squad developed by a 3rd party that recreates battles around Operation Market Garden in the WWII. It has some unique approaches compared to Squad like a commander role that can order air or artillery strikes.

    - postscriptumgame.com
    - Buy it on Humble Bundle

    Insurgency Sandstorm: the second installment of the stand alone Insurgency game with a lof of unique game modes and one of the most fun and challenging bot AI out there (PvE). If you already know the first Insurgency it's more of the same with a modern graphic engine (UE4). Compared to the games above you can also play it for a quick round inbetween and don't depend that much on other team members. For my taste in PvP it focuses a bit too much on twitch skills and is a tad too fast. Tactical movement or terrain advantage isn't that important although choosing a good path in the very open maps allow for great flanks. I especially enjoy Insurgency as coop shooter vs bots.

    - insurgency-sandstorm.com
    - Buy it on Humble Bundle

    Next year a few WWII shooters comparable to Post Scriptum will be coming out or enter early access like Vanguard 1944 or Hell Let Loose. Squad will finally be out in version 1.0 including helicopters and a commander role.


    *DAMN Mauti


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