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*DAMN SheepIcon [Spring Tourney and Preseason Winners] - [23.9.2005 ; 2:12 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Finally the Hall of Fame has been updated and shows the spring tourney and preseason winners.

:cO:. won the GhR spring tourney 05
and z][t dominated the preseason 05.

The winner icons can be found here:
Spring Tourney 05 (large)
Spring Tourney 05 (forum)
Preseason 05 (large)
Preseason 05 (forum)

Although z][t won the GhR Team, GhR CQB and RvS Preseason ladders only the GhR Team Preseason will be rewarded with an icon due to less played cbs in total.

Congratulations again :cO:. and z][t!
*DAMN SheepIcon [Cbs for Team and Advanced ladder] - [20.9.2005 ; 8:43 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
It seems this caused a lot of confusion among a few clans.

As it is written in the rules you can submit a TEAM cb also for the advanced ladder. However right now the script can't do both! So every clan has to submit two cbs: one for the TEAM and one for the ADVANCED ladder.

Just look at the ladder column before you think it is a double submitted cb and refuse it.

Nevertheless don't forget that the ladders have different cb limits:
TEAM: 2cbs vs the same clan in a row; 8cbs vs the same clan in total
ADVANCED: 2cbs vs the same clan in a row; 2cbs vs the same clan in total
*DAMN SheepIcon [Ups] - [19.9.2005 ; 4:57 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
I just realized that I forgot to upload the rule changes I poste about yesterday.

They are online now:

*DBL Rules 3.8(8)
*DBL Tournament(2)

Because we, *DAMN(including our *DBL staff) just had our first cb the question was asked how many matches will be played in RvS?

RvS is a best of 10 rounds setup, which means the first clan who reaches 6 wins is the winner. To achieve this you play 2 matches. A match length is 6 rounds(ties excluded).
*DAMN SheepIcon [CB Length setup changed!] - [19.9.2005 ; 1:21 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [1] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Due massive critic here and debates among admins we decided to change the cb setup back to a best of schema like we had in season X.

CB Length:
GhR Team - Best of 8 Games (first who wins 5 games)
GhR CQB - Best of 6 Games (first who wins 4 games)
RvS Team - Best of 10 Rounds (first who wins 6 rounds)

Further if both clans agree you can also agree to a different cb length.

All done cbs of course still count and further ties will still be submitted with the score, but of course don't make a difference in a best of schema and if you agree to play with a different setup, tied cbs are still allowed.

Team ladder games can still be submitted for the advanced ladder as well.

In the past we were committed to not change any rules midseason, however in this case we made an exception.

You can download the new rules from the menu link above.
*DAMN SheepIcon [iGuard 2.0] - [18.9.2005 ; 7:05 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
As already posted in the *DAMN Main news iGuard 2.0 is out and will be required for all RvS ladders.
-[ Season 14 is at an end;
    Season 15 starting soon!
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22nd/23rd July 2006
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29th/30th July 2006
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