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Author Topic: Macologist Experts' Invitation to DamnR6  (Read 3357 times)
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« on: February 26, 2005, 09:12:51 am »

Hi to everyone at the DamnR6 mods subforum.

I'm writing to you as cofounder of www.macologist.org, a very similar site dedicated to 'expert' help in Mac gaming, and especially mod conversion and providing for their downloads.

Our current expertise is largely with mods with: UT99, UT2004, BF1942, HW2, and CoD. As you see, there is a bit of overlap, but DamnR6 has expertise in mods for games we know little about, those not listed here, such as R6.

In short I would like to explore the possiblity of synergy between our sites. One of the things we do is provide downloads, and have a large download system via our sistersite osxgamefiles.com, and we could examine ways to maximize our respective catalogs by selective mirroring.

We also have staff that convert Win32-only .exe distros, as well as other staff who, if necessary, can create apple packagemaker Installers and wrap them in .dmg images for distro to Mac gamers. If these skill can be of assistance, we'd like to provide them-- We have tutorials on doing this for our staff as well, for those of you who wish to learn.

Ideally we could get a primary contact who would be given an FTP account and special permissions at our site to mirror content in both directions. Also our News section is very well visited by the Mac gaming community, and we could provide a PR outlet for any DamnR6 news, so one of you could be assigned news reporter privs at our site, and news items could point URLs back to here.  News could also be used for clan-news purposes if necessary. Finally our reviews section specializes in both in-depth game reviews as well as pieces on mods for all games; I'm sure you have writers who would be motivated to write about the games/mods they love knowing that their pieces would be read by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Briefly we also have betatesters on staff (from many of the UT2004 mod teams, as well as official external betatesters for BF1942, UT2004, UTPG, Postal2, Americas Army, Aspyr, etc.). We also have staff who are proficient in Applescript and Cocoa coding for utilities-- my own "Santaduck Toolpak" for UT2004 was even used by Apple to introduce the iMac G5 (see bar graph here). 

Please come take a look at our site, Downloads, and Reviews (here or as a forum, and let's see if we can think of a productive and synergistic relationship.

If there's a top-level contact, please let me know here, and register on our forums, and I can grant you staff privs so we can talk more if any of the above sounds good.

Thank you,
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*DAMN Mauti
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2005, 06:15:44 pm »

Hi Santaduck,

as I replied you per email I'm the guy who founded *DAMN back in the days and is running *DAMN, of course with the help of a few very reliable admins and moderators. You can contact me at mauti@damnr6.com

About possible synergies: we are right now supported by GameSpy which means we have virtual unlimited space for hosting mods and don't have to worry about bandwidth use and such things. So in the case of the case you have to pay for your bandwidth I'm more than glad to help you out.

About news exchange - I think that's a good idea, especially when you have new reviews or BF related stuff. We can do it the way you proposed, that each side gets access to the news section, or we just trade information per email and each side writes about the info we think is useful, etc. I would especially be interested in events like BF DC nights,...

Have a nice day,



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« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2005, 09:12:53 pm »

Hi Mauti,

Thank you for replying =) DamnR6 has a reputation for longevity in the community, so it's great to make a contact here.

I apologize, for some reason I didn't receive your email.... I have some ISP spamfilter issues, but I don't see it there either.  Do you  mind re-sending it to: santaduck(at)gmail.com?

I'd also be curious in speaking with your Mac staff working with mods as well.  We have a lot of experience with BF, including DC issues, and having external betatesters with Aspyr, as well as making mac dmg distros with Apple packagemaker (installer creator), as well as applescript launchers for convenience.

Ideally I'd love to get one "exchange staff" from DamnR6 registered over at our private internal staff forums, so they can learn from the knowledgebase & staff that we have.  This person can also serve as the person with news-posting privileges.

I'd also like to invite you personally to join our private internal staff so you can check in from time to time and contribute your opinions to this process as necessary; just PM me that you've registered and I'll adjust your permissions.

I'll talk to my other cofounder, ScvWebFire, regarding file hosting issues.  We don't really pay for our bandwidth, but our rapid growth is approaching the limits of having it for free, and he'll take care of the backend software issues needed for mirroring.

Thank you for now-- For now please let me know which of your mac mod staff might want to come over to Macologist.  If there are any staff that want to make existing or new Mod Reviews public on our site, we can do that immediately as well.

We just had a staff meeting, and we are expanding our reviews & interviews category to include interviews with mac clans and mac sites.  If you're willing we'd love to interview you and talk about your site, staff, clans, and long history.
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