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My community sponsored powerbook by *DAMN Mauti 3.8.2004

8 months ago, in december 2003, I started to ask the community for help to upgrade my hardware, because my old, back in the days very powerful, iMac DV SE 400Mhz 1999 with 384MB RAM, was too old to play any new games and so it would be hard to keep *DAMN online and uptodate. And with the great help of a few *DAMN supporters I could buy me a new Mac few month later. Big, big thanks again to Hazard, Alan, Spetsnaz, Lee Harvey, Civic, Sophie, John, Buccaneer, Dutchman, GhostSniper, Voodoo, Dingo aka Thylacine, JimmmyJamesJim, Nevin aka Sixhits and all others that wanted to remain anonymous. Without your help this wouldn't have been possible. THANKS!!!!

My plans were always to wait for the second G5 revisions, so I waited and waited and waited... and still waited but nothing happened. After 7 months of waiting the "new" G5 were presented. Only the top model showed some improvments over the first generation G5s, so I was a little bit disappointed, because the price of the 2.0 model was still very high, and Apple didn't even fix their FW800 motherboard bug. But didn't Apple release recently new good priced Powerbooks? Yeah, indeed they put out some very nice updated Powerbooks.

Long story, short conclusion: after comparing performance, price, the current hardware development on PC(PCI - Xpress, dual layer DVD burner, dual core CPUs,...) I went out and bought a new 1.33 12inch powerbook with 768MB RAM, which of course I ordered seperatly. The powerbook will me allow to post news and check the forums also when I'm at university, and it should be able to play games for at least the next 2 years. The battery life is excellent, as is the whole design. The gaming performance is very well for such a small piece of Apple, only one thing I noted is that for some games you have to turn the performance settings to maximum because it doesn't switch the settings properly. For home use and gaming I have an additional 22inch screen from Elandrion. Thanks! =) but in return I had to allow Elandrion to make some pictures when I open my new arrived powerbook, ARGGG ;) - no comments:


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