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Author Topic: FAQ: Season XIII setup!  (Read 3396 times)
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« on: February 28, 2006, 01:12:04 am »

Season XIII Tournament FAQ’s

1. Where can I find the details like the schedules, round dates and rules for Season XIII setup?
Everything you need to know is in the rules – found here -> www.damnr6.com/clanladder/index.php?module=news

•   At the top of the linked Page you will find the link to Download Rules
•   In the rules you will find a detailed TIME SCHEDULE, ROUND DATES and SCHEDULE TABLES (For who u play)
•   To the right of the linked page you will see “Schedules” – one is for Raven Shield and one for Ghost Recon
•   Up-to-date *DBL news can also be found on the link above also. (check this regularly for updates)

2. What do the colours 1(green) ,2 (yellow) ,3(orange) and, 4(red) on the scheduled tables mean?
1. Green   = The 1st time slot for the scheduled weekend.
2. Yellow   = The 2nd time slot for the scheduled weekend.
3. Orange = The 3rd time slot for the scheduled weekend.
4. Red      = The 4th  time slot for the scheduled weekend.
Check the rules for specific time details.

3. Can you please tell me how I work out who I play and when?

1.  Check the schedules which are on the right side of the *DBL news page.
2.  One schedule is for Ghost Recon, one is for Raven shield
3.  There are 4 tables on each schedule. Look for the date and round number (found at top of each table) to find the right schedule for that week.
4.  Now, on the left column of that table look for your clan.
5.  On the top row of the table is the time slots you play each clan in for the scheduled weekend.         (find  specific times in the *DBL rules)
6.  Each of the clans that you play for the scheduled weekend, you must arrange a non-scheduled CB with.’
7.  There is a check box beside each clan you play. 1 for scheduled and 1 for non-scheduled. You may use this for your own purposes for checking you have completed each CB.

i.e Ghost Recon: Round 1: March 4th  - [a] are scheduled to play :cO:. at (Yellow) 8:30 pm (CET)and – sP - at (Orange) 9:45pm (CET).

3. So is the tournament and the regular season the same thing?
Well, yes and no. The advanced ladders are the only ladders that are associated with the tournament (CQB, FFA and coop ladders are NOT apart of the tournament setup – so you can cb on these anytime). Instead of a tournament being played on just one weekend, we are spreading it over 4 weekends each for Ghost Recon and Raven Shield. And instead of it being for just the weekend, we have opened it up for weekdays with a few conditions.

4. When can we start clan battling?
Right now! You may start CB’ing those clans on your upcoming scheduled weekend.

5. So can I CB clans not on my schedule for the upcoming scheduled weekend?
Update:YES You can now cb clans outside your scheduled rounds, However it is VERY IMPORTANT to  remember the scheduled cb is mandatory. You can't just play the clan twice after the schedule is already over No. You must play only the clans you’re scheduled to play on the upcoming scheduled weekend. There is a 2 week break between each weekend per ladder, so you have 2 whole weeks to play your scheduled clans before the scheduled weekend.

6. How many times do I CB each of my scheduled clans?
2 times. 1 CB is scheduled and 1 CB is not scheduled. The non-scheduled cb you arrange on your own but remember to contact an admin if you having any problems setting up a cb.

7. Can I CB a clan 2 times before the scheduled weekend?
Yes. You have the option of completing BOTH CB’s before the scheduled weekend, which means you won’t have to turn up to that scheduled time slot with that particular clan you played in advance.

8. Do I get warning points for not completing my unscheduled CB?
No. The only disadvantage is that both clans will lose out on those points. Remember: you play each clan equal amount of times, so every point counts.

9. Do I get warning points for forfieting my scheduled CB?
Yes. Without sufficient notice or failing to turn up, will result in your clan getting warning points 1.6 “Clan does not appear to a scheduled CB in the main season: 1.5 warning”

10. Ok, so what if I can’t make it to the scheduled CB? What do I need to do?
VI.2 “If you can’t appear to a scheduled saturday(Round 1 – 4) or a certain cb of this round you have to contact the *DBLadmins(mailto:bladmins@damnr6.com?subject=Missing a scheduled cb) and forfeit all your cbs, or a certain cb of this round, at latest until Thursday before the round starts. So we can adjust the cb sequence of the round in time. If you fail to do so also warning points apply.”

11. So are the Rules the same for the weekday CB’s as they are for the scheduled weekend CB’s?
Yes. Only difference is you arrange your own day and time for the non-scheduled CB.

12. Will there be a finals weekend?
Yes. The top 4 clans from the 4 rounds on each ladder, go through to the finals.

13. Can you please go over the important things I need to know before I start CB’ing in Season XIII?
1.  Read the rules
2.  Register your members
3.  Leaders Inform your members of the new rules, make sure they know when they play
4.  Read and understand the schedules
5.  The tournament setup is spread over 4 weekends for each ladder.
6.  Ghost Recon and Raven Shield Advanced ladders are the same ladders the scheduled weekends use.
7.  You can CB on FFA, CQB and coop ladders whenever you want.
8.  Play your scheduled clans at least ONCE before the scheduled weekend
9.  If you can’t make it to the scheduled weekend, make sure you make suitable arrangements or forfiet
10. Every CB you don’t play, you lose out on possible points. (you can make up these points)

For any other questions, please post them in this thread or contact an admin directly.
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