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Author Topic: Scoring and ladder divisions  (Read 2353 times)
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« on: June 08, 2006, 05:03:18 pm »

This is probably a very interesting topic for you.

Right now there are probably not enough clans per ladder, but together with the team size limitation and the Intel switch this may change.

The *DBL 2.0 will support divisions per ladder. Amount of division depend on the number of participating clans.(Maximum 2 or 3 divisions a 10 clans + 1 main division for the rest) Divisions will be filled upside down. Top clans proceed to the next division in the following season while last ranked clans go down.

Typical size of a division will be usually 10 clans(but at least 4 to ensure competition), and will be scored with the Advanced 3 - 1 - 0 scoring. The only exception will be the main division which will use an adapted Elo system due the expected amount of clans being there.(The 3-1-0 is only practicable for a clan amount of 10 - 12 eventually max. 16 clans with a season length of 60 - 70 days.)

Challenges can only be made within one division, but nevertheless you can play cbs versus clans from other  divisions. But the outcome will only be applied to the overall scoring.

Overall scoring/ranking: when you start a new clan, or are new at the *DBL 2.0, you appear as unranked in an overall ranking/ladder. This ranking will never be resetted. After appr. 30cbs a start value will be calculated, from this time on, you earn and lose points for each cb you are doing during a season and offseason(more about season and offseason later). This value will be the overall value and every year at the same day the clan with the most overall points will be rewarded with the Yearly champion award, kinda the *DBL champion. Due the concept and special abilities of the Elopoints your scoring will stay stable around at your skill level. Elopoints can't be increased endlessly so the overall scoring will give you an accurate feedback.

To sum up the *DBL 2.0 will have divisions depending on the amount of participating clans. Challenges can only be made within the same division. The scoring is the Advanced 3-1-0 ranking as used last season for each division with max. 10 players, and an Elo ranking for the last division. The overall scoring shows your progress since the excistance of your clan.

The main reason for divisions is that we can use the Advanced scoring, which received excellent feedback, without problems for at least the top  divisions. If we would have just one ladder with 20 clans using the Adv system the clan with most played cbs would win, because you can't cb all clans twice or even more. Last but not least also the lower ranked clans have to cb until the end of the season to avoid descending to the division below.

Note: this dev log gives you only an idea what will come. Not all details, especially technical ones, are posted here. Further posted numbers aren't final.
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