Posted by *DAMN Mauti
on Jul 02, 2009, 06:11:33 PM
Category: *DBL
Hi guys,

it's been much longer than a week. Sorry for that, and altough probably nobody believes that this will ever be finished I still want to give you a short update.

It was a bit difficult for me to handle this new situation, especially after my ex gf moved out of my flat. It suddenly felt so empty… as everything else.

However I'm done with it for a few weeks now. However since June I had a lot of work at university to do and just passed my last exams! Now I only have to write my master thesis =)

Nevertheless I still wanna work and release the *DBL. I won't be much on vacations this summer so I hope to make some good progress and get it finally done. 

I have read all your comments and suggestions. Thanks for the input.

More updates as they come...
Posted by *DAMN Mauti
on Mar 17, 2009, 09:55:13 AM
Category: *DBL
Just a short note that I'm in Sweden for one week. So no updates for a while.

Last but not least I updated the news headlines color scheme for enhanced contrast and visual guidance. Let me know what you think.
Posted by *DAMN Mauti
on Mar 16, 2009, 07:36:34 PM
Category: *DBL
Another small update today:

If you check out the TEAM cb info you gonna see at the bottom the current season stats about all matches these 2 clans had during the season and overall. Information contains cbs played, cbs won, ratio and the current streak. The shown data is always live season data not the stats at the moment of the cb.

Last but not least the points you gained for the overall ladder are also shown in the cb info now.
Posted by *DAMN Mauti
on Mar 16, 2009, 03:34:25 AM
Category: *DBL
Hi guys,

today I have uploaded a bunch of updates for you to check out.

  1. The team ranking module is now working(at least for all team ladders with elo ranking)
  2. You can now remove yourself from any clan you have signed up
  3. Admins can now manage any clan
  4. You can browse beyond the 5 most recent cbs on the clanbattles page
  5. All cbs of a ladder and season are now also shown on the ranking pages
  6. The cb info pages have been reworked slightly(I'm still not completely satisfied with the layout, but that's a low low priority)
Limitations of the updates:

  • Autoconfirm hasn't been added yet
  • Recent cbs and cbs you have to submit haven't been added to the clan/user pages yet
  • In Safari the Go to page input field doesn't work anymore with newer Safari versions(2+). The window.location.href function is messed up. I'll try a workaround later. FIXED 16.3.2009
  • In the case there should be more than 40 clans/users on a page the recent cbs pages update may also update the page view of the ranking. I have to adjust the javascript to solve this. Will be solved in a free minute. FIXED 16.3.2009

Behaviour of new updates:

  • Although it doesn't force you always the winner should submit the cb, because always the loser has to confirm the cb. In daily usage this should be no big deal
  • Contrary to the *DBL 1.0 when a clan has rejected the cb, and the issue has been solved without any admin involvment they can accept the cb although status is on pending by admin
  • I'm not sure how we handled that in the *DBL 1.0 but as soon as a cb gets submitted(not yet approved) the ranking pages will be updated. Is this behaviour ok with you?
  • As long as the cb is on pending the poster can edit the cb. As soon as a cb is submitted only admins can edit/delete cbs.
  • To keep it simple and to save a lot of hassle you can only change the score of a cb after submission. The submitted players and substitutions aren't editable. Further you can't change winner and losers afterwards. In these cases you have to delete the cb and resubmit. Depending on the amount of wrong player submissions maybe I'll add this later.


Although they have already been included for the HS and COOP ladders there are something on their own for TEAM and FFA cbs: Overall ladders give you a combined ranking of all your successes. It's like a yearly worldchampionship ranking. No matter if you play an ELO ranked season or a tournament. You will always gain points. For the first season the rankings might be ident(depending on the chosen ranking) but after that it will be an interesting addition because it includes much more cbs to compare and rate your performance. Last but not least you don't have to enter your cbs twice. The score will be calculated and submitted in the background. Another cool thing is that the overall season is always open so if there is no open season or you missed the registration you can still play a cb and submit it just to the overall ladder.

Alright that's it for tonight. Last but not least only 794 lines to go until I reach the 30.000th line of code(or 340+ printed A4 pages), hip hip hooray and my eyes fall to sleep!
Posted by *DAMN Mauti
on Mar 11, 2009, 12:52:24 PM
Category: *DBL
I just want to point out that some thing behave differently than you might be used to it:

  1. When a name is shown in green - it indicates that the person is online. Admins or Moderators aren't highlighted in any way yet. I'll add this later.
  2. Before you can join a ladder you have to go to the Games page and tag all games you are playing. I have added this so it is easier for you to manage bigger clans and it also avoids that people show up in roster selections that don't play this game. For the single player I have thought about showing all ladders and whenever you sign up to one you will be added to the game list, but once there are a lot of games it would become a mess so I decided to make it as it is now.
  3. Beside that if you want to join a clan ladder you have to create a roster first.
  4. For ranking pages: if the rank appears in green it went up, red means the clan went down and blue means it is a new entry.
  5. Another thing that changed for admins: to make a ladder people can join you have to create a ladder, then a season and finally in the last step add ladder season settings.

I'll update this list on the fly.
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