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    Dear Ghost Recon Fans,

    It is my honor to finally make a contribution to the Ghost Recon family in the form of a new mod. I have been working "swiftly, silently, and invisibly" on this for several years, and now that the time has come for my mod to see the light of day, I am overjoyed to be able to give something back at last. Heroes Unleashed is my tribute to the Ghost Recon community. The mod's aspiration is to honor the makers and fans of this great game, and to be a token of appreciation for all the people who expanded the Ghost Recon universe over the years - with their work, support, ideas, enthusiasm, and sociability. All of you made our beloved game the all-time classic it is today.

    The mod is released as a public beta version at this time to give Ghost Recon fans an (albeit not quite complete) surprise Christmas present - a fully playable "teaser" preview of things to come in the mod's final release, which is planned to be completed in spring/summer 2009.

    I hope that Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed will provide you all with many additional hours, days, or even years of fun in playing one of the best computer games ever devised.

    Happy Holidays,


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