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BattleLeague Matchlist - Show one Match: #4546
Complete data of the Match:
Season: 14
Ladder: GR Adv
Finals: No

Clans: GhRa> vs {E}
Games Won: 4
Games Lost: 2
Games Draws: 0
Players: 3 vs 3
Played: 20th Aug., 2006
Submitted: 20.8.2006 ; 9:44 pm
Posted by: Zero
Approved by: *DAMN Mauti
Status: Submitted!

Participating players:
6 Players: Subbed By:
GhRa>: GhRa> Dr.Evil --
Tin --
Zero --
{E}: {E}Ive --
61cygni --
-- --

Comments to the Match:
[a] LYNX wrote:
the default minimum players required for a cb is 3vs3, not 2vs2.

Zero wrote:
[18:11] :V: Stripes: :V: Stripes: 2v2 right LYNX?[a] LYNX: but cb<< Strat left the room >>:V: Stripes: is that able in DBL? for team[a] LYNX: if we agree on that

That's equity my dear mauti, that's why i'm talking about.
So, please cut the crap now, please , stop abusing your stupid powers, because, i'm glad i kept this copy past to show how phony, hilarious, ludicrous this administration is.

*DAMN Mauti wrote:
The cb was approved, because the cb could have played 3vs2 and further was an accepted scheduled cb. So also an automated loss could have been submitted. At all the minimum size for Adv cbs is 3vs3: 1vs1 or 2vs2 are not allowed. Only in this case, due the fact a forfeit could have been posted instead and enough members were online to play shorthanded, the cb was approved.