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BattleLeague Matchlist - Show one Match: #4544
Complete data of the Match:
Season: 14
Ladder: GR Adv
Finals: No

Clans: Po)| vs <DJrs>
Games Won: 4
Games Lost: 0
Games Draws: 0
Players: 3 vs 3
Played: 20th Aug., 2006
Submitted: 20.8.2006 ; 9:12 pm
Posted by: Po)| Hunter S. Thompson
Approved by: RedEye
Status: Submitted!

Participating players:
6 Players: Subbed By:
Po)|: Po)| TiroFino --
Po)| Hunter S. Thompson --
Po)|Viva --
: RedEye --
Poog --
Spyro_Farumalla --

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