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BattleLeague Matchlist - Show one Match: #4543
Complete data of the Match:
Season: 14
Ladder: GR Adv
Finals: No

Clans: GhRa> vs *
Games Won: 4
Games Lost: 0
Games Draws: 0
Players: 3 vs 3
Played: 16th Jul., 2006
Submitted: 20.8.2006 ; 4:31 pm
Posted by: *DAMN Mauti
Approved by: *DAMN Mauti
Status: Submitted!

Participating players:
6 Players: Subbed By:
GhRa>: Tin --
Zero --
Phara --
*: -- --
-- --
-- --

Comments to the Match:
*DAMN Mauti wrote:
Overseen automated loss cb back from 16th July. CB stays on Pending BL approval, because in the meantime GhRa already played twice vs *.

Sorry for overseeing this point. *'s wps are updated.

CB confirmed, but the other cb vs * was put on pending.