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BattleLeague Matchlist - Show one Match: #4542
Complete data of the Match:
Season: 14
Ladder: GR Adv
Finals: No

Clans: [a] vs GhRa>
Games Won: 4
Games Lost: 0
Games Draws: 0
Players: 3 vs 3
Played: 19th Aug., 2006
Submitted: 20.8.2006 ; 10:43 am
Posted by: [a] Red Tigah
Approved by: *DAMN Mauti
Status: Submitted!

Participating players:
6 Players: Subbed By:
[a]: [a] LYNX --
[a] shark --
[a] ferret --
GhRa>: Zero --
-- --
-- --

Comments to the Match:
[a] Red Tigah wrote:
Submitted as a forfiet. 6 animals on at 10pm GMT+1 and we had a room open for the CB only 1 ghra was online (clay) who didn't play. Deadmeat (admin) was online at the time to prove this also screenshots available if need be.

Zero wrote:
sad it's not working that way tigah, we only get warning points for dismissing a challenge.
And if you get the 3 points of this cb, GhRa will respectufuly ask for 12 points more for 2 cb's dismissed by TRIBE and * on the forum, and for 2 cb's dismissed on gameranger while it was scheduled (i'll give clan names if needed)
Oh, by the way, you are the first clan i see doing such a thing, don't expect it to work

[a] Red Tigah wrote:
awww sad to say there's a difference between "scheduled" and "dismissed"

*DAMN Mauti wrote:

AS written in the *DBL rules 3.9 I.6 page 7:
"Missing an accepted challenge: 1.5 warning points + automated loss"

If you have noticed any other cbs that were accepted in the *DBL Schedules thread and 1 clan didn't appear inform us please.

The cb got approved.