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*DAMN SheepIcon [New Battles] - [20.3.2002 ; 8:07 am by Nixon / ViRuS] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
FBI beats TAF in a 3vs3 6 won 0 lost 16 kills 7 lost

FBI beats DAF in a 3vs 4 won 3 lost 14 kills 14 lost

There alot of new clans out there so SNIFF um out and Knock um down!! The #1 CLAN is still -DisneY- nice job guys good luck all
Make it happen guys
*DAMN SheepIcon [More Clanbattles] - [9.3.2002 ; 11:50 am by PsYcO_aSsAsSiN] - [10] - *DAMN CommentIcon
AK defeats XaF in a 2v2 cb, 6-4 in games, 15-12 in kills.

IAM defeats FBI in a 4v4 cb, 7-1 in games, 31-12 in kills.

MIB defeats AK in a 2v2 cb, 6-2 in games, 13-8 in kills.
*DAMN SheepIcon [Poll's Closed!!] - [3.3.2002 ; 3:06 am by *DAMN Elandrion] - [7] - *DAMN CommentIcon
It was a close call, but the winner is....
The new points system debugged!
I will implement this system as soon as possble and update the rules to take the points system into account.

*DAMN Elandrion

[Update: New points system up and running!]
*DAMN SheepIcon [Many clan battles, new clans, and a new #1] - [1.3.2002 ; 6:13 pm by PsYcO_aSsAsSiN] - [5] - *DAMN CommentIcon
First things first, sorry for the delay in the posting of the news about clanbattles and what not...school has been a drag as of late.

Disney defeats OC in a 4v4 cb, 8-2 in games, 33-25 in kills.

OC defeats IAM in a 2v2 cb, 6-5 in games, 12-10 in kills.

KOTA defeats IAM in a 3v3 cb, 7-2-1 in games, 28-16 in kills.

Disney defeats MIB in a 3v3 cb, 5-4-1 in games, 19-14 in kills.

IAM defeats STFU in a 2v2 cb, 6-4 in games, 13-10 in kills.

Disney defeats *NADS in a 3v3 cb, 5-4-1 in games, 23-18 in kills.

Disney defeats OC in a 2v2 cb, 6-3-1 in games, 16-10 in kills.

KOTA defeats OC in a 3v3 cb, 6-1 in games, 17-7 in kills.

AK defeats OC in a 2v2 cb, 10-6-1 in games, 23-16 in kills.

*DAP defeats OC in a 2v2 cb, 6-2 in games, 13-7 in kills.

Also, please welcome the janitors and virus into the *DAMN Battle League.

No matter which way you slice it, Disney has emrged as the #1 clan in the *DAMN Battle League after disposing of several other clans. My suggestion to all would be to either cb more or to dethrone the #1 by challenging them to a cb.

Happy Hunting!
*DAMN SheepIcon [Ranking System - Vote NOW!] - [24.2.2002 ; 2:07 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [3] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Hi guys,

please vote which ranking system should be used in the future. The poll will run until 3rd may then Elandrion and me will change the stats.

My opinion:

I would like to have Elandrions and my skillpoint system (debugged): the rank a clan has is determined on how many points the clan has. if a "weak" clan defeats a "strong" clan, the winner gets more points than a "strong" clan which defeats a "weak" clan. then there are bonus points: the more people play the more points gets the winner and newbie clans have also the chance to catch the number one after few cbs which makes the league always exciting. Thats my opinion but your votes decide!!!!!!! For more informations about the other systems read through Elandrion's post below and check out this forum thread!(Especially the 17th post which shows how the skillpoint system debugged would work if a newbie clan challenges the #1)

Have a nice day,

*DAMN Mauti

[The Vote will run until 3rd march - *DAMN Elandrion]
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