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*DAMN SheepIcon [GhR SuperFinals winner] - [15.5.2006 ; 10:38 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Po)| did the double and won the GhR SuperFinals versus -7in, next to the mainseason. -7in gave their best and fought hard until the last battle was done, but Po)| was the better clan and beated -7in's defense with superior tactics yesterday night .

Congratulations to Po)| for winning the double a second time after season X.

Also my respect to all clans that made it that far. The upcoming weekend the RvS SuperFinals will be played and Virus also has the chance to win the SuperFinals after owning the mainseason.
*DAMN SheepIcon [RvS Coop Ladder Final Ranking] - [15.5.2006 ; 10:30 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
This season we offered the second time a RvS Coop ladder. Unfortunaly only one clan dared to participate, may the reason is a missing scripted submition system or not, I would like to mention their times. We posted 4 missions you have to beat in the shortest time possible.

The missions:

Mission 1
Terrorist Hunt
35 Tangos

Mission 2
Terrorist Hunt
40 Tangos

Mission 3
Hostage Rescue
40 Tangos

Mission 4
Hostage Rescue
40 Tangos

{DrK}* accepted the challenge and achieved respectable times.

Mission 1: 60:00
Mission 2: 06:36* (5 players instead of 4)
Mission 3: 03:16* (THT instead of HR, 5 players instead of 4)
Mission 4: 04:32* (THT instead of HR, 5 players instead of 4)
TOTAL: 1:14:18

*Unfortunaly the missions weren't done according to our posted settings, nevertheless I post all submitted times here, since {DrK} was the only clan trying the missions.

We hope to see more submitions next season and with the *DBL 2.0 you can also submit your times in an automated way.
*DAMN SheepIcon [GhR Final match] - [14.5.2006 ; 5:23 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Yesteday the GhR semifinals were played.

[a] won the first match against the mainseason winner Po)|, but then Po)| turned the tide and won the semifinals 2 - 1.

The second semifinals match -7in vs. * was cleary won 2 - 0.

So the finals are Po)| vs. -7in and will be played tonight as a best of 3cbs series.

Same time and password as yesterday.

Again it would be great if you could save your replays and submit them to us. So we can post them at the Mac Downloads.

Last but not least a small bug in the script has been fixed and the finals scoring is now updated correctly.

Good luck,

*DAMN Mauti & the *DBL Administration
*DAMN SheepIcon [GhR SuperFinals today] - [13.5.2006 ; 5:54 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Today in just a bit more than a hour the Ghost Recon SuperFinals start! Tonight at least the semifinals will be played as a best of 3 cbs setup.

The password should be: ghrfinals for all games today and tomorrow.

It might happen that there will be no admin available. In this case you are your own admin. If you haven't agreed otherwise you should meet in GameRanger at 7:00pm CEST.

If your opponent isn't there don't forget to make screenshots and document everything. However we are confident that all clans will show up.

Time limits aren't necessary since every day is dedicated to only one round, where you play your best of 3 cbs. If you have time and want to do it you can agree with your opponent to play the finals already tonight.

That's it. May you wanna save your (semi)finals replays and send them to us. So we can make them available at our Mac Downloads and everyone can see how the top clans actually play.

Good luck and have fun,

*DAMN Mauti & the *DBL Administration
*DAMN SheepIcon [Season news] - [11.5.2006 ; 10:28 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Last sunday the exciting main season of season XIII came to an end. We have seen lots of intensive cbs throughout the GhR and RvS ladders.

So before I gonna announce the SuperFinals matches, I would like to name the winners of the main season:

Animals won the ladder before ~W~and -7in.

Virus won very closely in front of we:, who forced Virus to give their best. 3rd place goes to c|.

Let's have a look at the team ladders now:

GhR Advanced:
Po)| dominated this ladder throughout the season. They only lost their lead once. Further they played the most matches next to {E}: 15 out of 16 possible cbs. The places 2nd to 4th can't get closer. All teams have the same amount of points. Just the overall number of played cbs make the difference. The runner ups are *, -7in and Animals.

All these clans also qualified for the SuperFinals taking place this weekend.

RvS Advanced:

A lot of clans pulled out during the season, nevertheless lots of cbs have been played and Virus did it again. Beside the RvS CQB ladder, they also won the RvS Advanced ladder. Far behind on the 2nd place comes {DrK}*, followed by Animals and :cO:.

May the SuperFinals can end Virus's streak.

Beside that, it's worth to mention that Animals is the only clan that qualified for GhR and RvS SuperFinals.

The FFA ladders were almost dead this season, and we hope to see more competition next season again.

Congratulations to all winners and participating clans. I hope you had a good and fun season.


The next 2 weekends the SuperFinals will be played.

The upcoming weekend the GhR one and then the RvS one.

For all games the SuperFinals are played as Best of 3 cbs with the regular season settings. The semiFinals are played on saturday and the Finals on sunday. Of course you can agree to play your semifinals already on friday, or can do both rounds on saturday. Just the semifinals need to be played by saturday and sunday is the last chance to play the Finals.

The schedules are:

A: 1st vs. 4th
B: 2nd vs. 3rd

Winner A vs. Winner B
No games are played for the 3rd rank.

This means for GhostRecon:

Po)| vs. [a]
* vs. -7in

Raven Shield:

Virus vs. :cO:.
{DrK}* vs. [a]

The starting times are 7:00pm CEST for saturday and sunday.

Good luck everyone,

*DAMN Mauti and the *DBL Administration
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