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*DAMN SheepIcon [*DBL Farewell tourneys] - [3.7.2006 ; 8:56 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Please notice that for the *DBL Farewell tourneys there need to be a minimum activity of 4 clans. RvS already passed this mark, but GhR didn't yet.

About the new GhR additions, at least the new gametypes will be released within the next week and will be than mandatory for all cbs.
*DAMN SheepIcon [Week #1] - [1.7.2006 ; 12:09 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
So it's been over a week since the season started and we have already seen a few surprises.

KoS has been reactivated and participates at the RvS ladders. They even already beat Virus once. The second cb was lost very closely 6-5-2.

Newcome AGC showed a lot of activity and improved their skills with each cb.

However what are all GhR clans doing? Get some cbs done!

The tourney's will only be hold if there has been enough activity.

Btw because it was asked in the forums: you can still cb whenever you want. However if you never meet a clan in GameRanger or get refused, use the Challenge option in the *DBL forum to setup a cb easily.

Good luck and happy cbing ;-)
*DAMN SheepIcon [Season XIV kick off!] - [22.6.2006 ; 1:33 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Welcome to season XIV!

The ladders are the same as last season, however there are some changes under the hood:

No Superfinals will be played this season. Instead there is a farewell tourney(see below).

The Raven Shield Advanced ladder has now a minimum of 3vs3. You can still do 2vs2 cbs for the CQB ladder.

Ghost Recon stays at 3vs3 however there will be a season XIV update pack with new gametypes and improved spawnpoints released within the next days. Unfortunaly it isn't ready yet, but the final testing should be done soon. Stay tuned.

The winner of the FFA ladder will also get an entry into the Hall of Fame(previous winners may also be added) if at least 30FFA cbs have been played.

Beside these smaller changes a midseason farewell tourney will be played. You can find the dates in the rules and at your right. Please don't forget that you need to sign up at the tourney AND Advanced ladder if you wanna participate. The 2 top ranked and two most active clans from the Advanced ladders will qualify. So even if you don't win all cbs you still have a good chance to make it into the tourney, when you cb as much as possible.

Probably the biggest addition for season XIV is the challenge system for all clan ladders. The challenge system replaces the weekend schedules we had last season. So you have more freedom to plan your cbs. For more details take a look at the rules and the *DBL Challenge board you should visit regulary during the entire season:

*DBL Challenge Board

You can download the latest rules from the menu link. Changes have been marked green.

That's it. Good luck to you all and let the cbs start!

*DAMN Mauti & the *DBL Administration
*DAMN SheepIcon [GhR community vote!] - [19.6.2006 ; 2:56 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
The *DBL admin team is just working on the final preparations for season XIV. One thing we couldn't decide is if we should add that you have to use different specialties(rifleman, demo, and sniper kits). Every clan is allowed to vote once within the next 24hours.

so please take a look at this BL Forum topic and leave your clan vote!
*DAMN SheepIcon [Tourney Information] - [16.6.2006 ; 11:15 am by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Please note that to participate at the tourney you have to add your clan to the related Advanced (Adv) ladder.

The 2 best ranked and 2 most active clans of the Advanced ladders until the qualification deadline will qualify for the tourney.
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29th/30th July 2006
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