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*DAMN SheepIcon [Btw, Tourney Finals] - [10.8.2006 ; 7:33 pm by [a] LYNX] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
The *damn [a]nimals and the great KoS won the DBL 1 Farewell Tourneys!

Animals won the GhR Tourney against the current leader of the season ghra as clear as KoS won the RvS Tourney two weeks later against the animals, both finals ended 3-0. Nevertheless we saw some exciting games of the best players around. Thx all, ggs!

Congrats to Animals and KoS and prepare for upcoming tournaments - everyone wants to kill you now! ; )
*DAMN SheepIcon [GR Tourney Finals] - [23.7.2006 ; 5:53 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Yesterday the GR Farewell Tourney semifinals have been played and Animals as well as GhRa> clearly won their best of 5 cb series 3-0.

Tonight the meet each other in the finals.

GhRA and Animals are very even opponents and in have met 5 times in previos times. Animals have won 3 of these matches, but most have been very close so we can expect exciting matches tonight.

The higher ranked clan from the qualification, Animals, can choose to start hosting or not. The tourney graphics have been updated.

Good luck and have fun.
*DAMN SheepIcon [Today GhR Tourney starts] - [22.7.2006 ; 3:02 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Today at 7:00pm CEST the GhR Farewell tourney starts. Today the semifinals and tomorrow the finals will be played.

The semifinals are:

[a] vs. {E}
GhRa vs. Djrs

Starting time is 7:00pm CEST.
*DAMN SheepIcon [Farewell Tourney Updates] - [21.7.2006 ; 1:33 pm by *DAMN Mauti] - [1] - *DAMN CommentIcon
:V: pulled out of the Farewell tourney, which means KoS and [a] qualified for being the top 2 ranked clans and DrK and newcomer AGC| qualfied for activity.

The time limit per cb round of 1 hour posted below will only be used in certain cases. At all you can cb as long as you want. Clans will be asked if they have a time limit before they start. Depending on that and the progress after a few rounds time limits will maybe added for some rounds. In any case the normal tournament starting and ending times will be used.

Starting time is as usual 7:00pm CEST = 1:00pm EST = 10:00AM PST.
*DAMN SheepIcon [Farewell Tourney] - [20.7.2006 ; 10:56 pm by Po)| TiroFino] - [3] - *DAMN CommentIcon
-[ Season 14 is at an end;
    Season 15 starting soon!
-[ Total CB's played:
-[ Total Members:

-[ Qualification Deadline
16th July 2006
-[ GhR Farewell Tourney
22nd/23rd July 2006
-[ RvS Farewell Tourney
29th/30th July 2006
-[ Status notice
-[ GRPA Mod version 2
-[ IMG interviews Mauti
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-[ More winners and other things
-[ GhRa> vs {E}
-[ Po)| vs
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-[ [a] vs GhRa>
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