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*DAMN SheepIcon [How-to BattleLeague] - [28.12.2001 ; 7:21 am by *DAMN Elandrion] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
Well, since there have been many changes in the BattleLeague and most aren't very obvious, so here are some tips:

  • Clanladder: now the rank a clan has is determined on how many points the clan has. if a "weak" clan defeats a "strong" clan, the winner gets more points than a "strong" clan which defeats a "weak" clan. then there are bonus points: the more people play the more points gets the winner.
  • to submit the results of a clanbattle, use the ClanBattle Drop Box in the forum. I'm working on a "submit ClanBattle" script to make this easier.
  • It is now possible to enter a long clanname when you submit your application to the BL, e.g. *DAMN is the short name and Deadly Alliance of Murdering Nerds is the long name.
  • If you click on a Clanname in the Clanladder, a small info window opens which displays some stats about the clan. There you can also send a challenge to this clan: just press the "challenge" button!
  • Everyone who is registered can use the new features, for example every member can change the colors of: 1) border, 2) banner and 3) background. I would suggest that you just just try and find your own preferred combination.
  • You can also enter your time offset so all news will be shown in your local time.
  • Every member can certainly change password and email address.
  • It is possible for every member to stay logged in for a certain amount of time; the login information is stored in a cookie. if you have cookies disabled, you've got a problem
  • A totally new newsscript! Every admin who is logged in can post and modify news and polls. There are functions to add [code] to the news which is translated into HTML code on the fly - this is very much like the YaBBCode in the forums.
  • Everyone, not only members, can post
    comments to every news.
  • Every admin can add polls to the news...

So that's an overview of most of the new features.

Things to do:
  • A "submit results" script with a function to upload screenshots to make it easier to post the result without having to use the *DAMN BL Forum.
  • A warplanner for every clan to organise clanbattles and to challenge other clans.
  • Emoticon support for the news and comments

If you have more questions, suggestments, or if you just want to tell me what you thing, post your comments or send me a mail.

*DAMN Elandrion
*DAMN SheepIcon [New Feature #2!!] - [25.12.2001 ; 3:56 pm by *DAMN Elandrion] - [2] - *DAMN CommentIcon
I have written a comment function for the NewsScript - everybody is free to post comments!

*DAMN Elandrion
*DAMN SheepIcon [New Feature:] - [25.12.2001 ; 10:18 am by *DAMN Elandrion] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
It is now possible to enter a time offset in the settings page which allows you to view the news postings with your local time...

*DAMN Elandrion
*DAMN SheepIcon [Polls:] - [25.12.2001 ; 8:12 am by *DAMN Elandrion] - [0] - *DAMN CommentIcon
+-KoS-+ Ultimo used the poll function the first time:
*DAMN SheepIcon [Thanks Elandrion] - [24.12.2001 ; 6:06 pm by +-KoS-+_Ultimo] - [2] - *DAMN CommentIcon
I can not stress how nice of a christmas present this is to the Mac community. Its probably one of the best presents thus far I have recieved. Everyone Sign your clan up fast so we can get back to cb'ing once again.
-[ Season 14 is at an end;
    Season 15 starting soon!
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-[ Qualification Deadline
16th July 2006
-[ GhR Farewell Tourney
22nd/23rd July 2006
-[ RvS Farewell Tourney
29th/30th July 2006
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