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[Instructions for GhR Round 2] - [1.4.2006 ; 12:33 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
Today round 2 of the Ghost Recon Advanced ladder will be hold.

All clans please use as password for your games: ghr2
So admins can inform you when the time limit is over and you have to quit gaming. Further don't forget to leave an open spot so an admin can join at all.

Animals and *, as well as * and {E}, already preplayed their scheduled and on-scheduled round. As a consequence their matches for today are already done.

As it looks right now -sP- is pulling out and they probably won't appear to any schedules tonight. If they completely pull out all done matches will be voided.

All european clans don't forget that you have to come one hour later than usual for, and only for, the second round due the fact that not all countries have switched to daylight summer time yet.

Good luck,

Mauti and the *DBL Administration
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