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[RvS SuperFinals hosting?] - [19.5.2006 ; 5:03 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
The password for all SuperFinals games should be: rvsfinals.

Starting times are as usual 7:00pm CEST.

If you are not sure, who starts hosting for the SuperFinals games read on:

The higher ranked clan from the mainseason chooses to start hosting or not, for every round(including every cb). In the rules it says the clan above the bracket can choose, which is the same:

--- vs. ---- (A)

--- vs. ---- (B)

For the finals game the higher ranked clan of A + B is above and chooses to start hosting or not.

Beside that you can agree with the other clan to play the first round completely on host X and the second cb on host Y and the last round if necessery on a splitted host, but as said that's up to your personal agreements. Per default each cb will be played on a splitted host.
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