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[Adv schedules postboned] - [7.3.2006 ; 6:18 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
Bad news never come alone: first our server went down and was replaced with a new one, which caused that the first GR Advanced round was delayed and now a recent GameRanger update causes connection/lag issues as you probably have noticed. So cbs may suffer under high pings and delays.

We hope that this issue will be solved asap by Evill. As a consequence we are moving the dates of the tournament weekend to 18th March for Round 1 Ghost Recon and 25th March for Round 1 Raven Shield.

Nevertheless you can play your opponents from round 1 right now, if you don't experience any problems with the recent GameRanger update. We just have to postbone the dates to ensure fair and fun cbs for everyone.

The schedules will be updated soon.


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