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[Winner icons] - [22.8.2006 ; 3:32 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
The winner icons can be downloaded here:

Ghost Recon Advanced:
- Large
- Forum

Ghost Recon *DBL 1.0 Farewell Tourney:
- Large
- Forum

Raven Shield Advanced:
- Large
- Forum

Raven Shield *DBL 1.0 Farewell Tourney:
- Large
- Forum

Fun ladders(GhR and RvS CQB, FFA):
- Large
- Forum
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:V:Stripes | 23.8.2006 ; 8:22 pm
Thanks for the icons mauti.

I'm still a bit worried though, everyone has acces to download these icons..
You should know people are pretty bored nowadays, maybe we could switch back so the DBL Admins sent it to the clan's leader and he could pass them to his team?

Makes you feel proud for your icon and your work.
[a] LYNX | 22.8.2006 ; 11:13 pm
thx, appreciated:)
*DAMN Mauti | 22.8.2006 ; 8:34 pm
*DAMN Mauti | 22.8.2006 ; 8:16 pm
I know, but the font is only Uppercase. Well I can reupload it with another one.
[a] LYNX | 22.8.2006 ; 6:54 pm
lol, its written [a] and NOT [A]. silly...
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