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Island Thunder™ Mac Tutorial by *DAMN Mauti 9.3.2003

Please take notice that the IT Mac patch is in no way licensed or endorsed by Ubi Soft Entertainment or Red Storm Entertainment.

Island Thunder for Mac

Island Thunder Do it Yourself conversion | Still some questions? Ask us here! | General Notes
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon™ : Island Thunder™

Cuba, 2009: Castro is dead, and the first free Cuban elections in decades are thrown into turmoil by a drug-funded warlord. The Ghosts, an elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets, are sent to Cuba as part of a UN peacekeeping force to destroy the rebel forces and their mercenary leaders and secure the elections for a free Cuba. Features:
  • 8 new single player missions in an all-new campaign set across the island of Cuba.
  • 5 new dedicated multiplayer maps.
  • 12 new multiplayer weapons including the M4 SOCOM rifle and the MM-1 automatic grenade launcher.
  • 2 new multiplayer game types.
  • New Cuban enemy vehicles, new allied vehicles, and insertions by helicopter.

Ghost Recon takes the next stop in battlefield realism
with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon™: Island Thunder™.

Island Thunder for Mac: Do it Yourself

Conversion Instructions(thanks to s.p.i.d.e.r for writing a more detailed step by step guide):

1) Start up Virtual PC, or a PC

2) Download WinPack300b and extract to your PC desktop.

3) Insert the Island Thunder PC disc, cancel any autorun processes, locate and open the cd from your computer, you should see a few files around, the ones we need are the MP2 files in data1.cab, do not do anything yet

4) Open up winpack 300, you should see a few odd buttons, do not do anything to them, instead just press load packed file, proceed to open data1.cab. You should see a bunch of folders when it is finished opening, the only ones we are concerned about are the ones containing "MP2" in the name, there should be a few.

5) Proceed to extract all of the folders with "MP2" in their name to the desktop, when finished, you should have around 16-20 folders, you are going to have to rename all of them in a case sensitive way so that it will run. First find the folder "Mp2", there should be nothing inside it besides one text file entitled "modscount.txt", this will be the folder that you place the other renamed folders into.

6) Start renaming the folders, example, a folder named "Mp2_Video" would be renamed "Video" , then it would be placed inside the folder "Mp2", continue on with that process, there are two cases though that are different, the sound folders, and the shell folder. for sound there should be a "Mp2_Sound" and a few other folders like "Mp2_Sound_RussianVoice", that roughly means that you have to rename that folder to RussianVoice, then place inside the sounds folder inside the Mp2 folder.

7) If you extracted all the "shell" folders there should be a few like "Mp2_shell_english" and ones with a few other languages listed after shell_, you will only need the version for your language region, so rename "Mp2_shell_english" to just shell, there should also be a "Mp2_shell_art" folder that goes within the shell folder.

When finished renaming all the folders, there should be 16 items in your "Mp2" folder, they are: Actor, Attachments, Briefings, Command Maps, Equip, Kits, Map, Mission, Model, Modscount.txt, save, shell, sound, textures, and video.

9) Copy this file to a cd, or transfer the entire folder to your mac machine

10) Now run the Island Thunder Mac patch, it fixes all the little problems that occur after the rough conversion. When the file is done, open the installer and follow the instructions the installer provides, also you might want to consider installing the Microsoft Mpeg 4 codecs that the "video" files use, after running the patch, move the "Mp2" folder to your Ghost Recon - Desert Siege/Ghost Recon Data/Mods folder.

11) To play Island Thunder, you activate it like a mod, except it must be the 2nd mod on the active mod list (Desert Siege > Island Thunder), the first should always be Desert Siege.

12) You might notice some sounds play a bit too loud, to fix this you will need a utility called "SoundAPP"(OS 9) or Sound Converter(OS X), both can be found on www.versiontracker.com. You will need to convert all the .wav sound files to .aif, nothing else is required (although you must convert all the files in the sounds folder, the sound/Russian voice and the sound/English folders as well).

If you have the PC and Mac copies of Ghost Recon, and decide to install IT to mac, you can install the a separate copy of IT onto the PC, copy the folder over to your mac machine, and run the IT Mac patch from *DAMN.

General Notes about Island Thunder for Mac
  • Island Thunder requires that you own Ghost Recon and have installed the 1.4 patch.
  • The Island Thunder Mac version isn't an official release as a consequence it isn't supported by Aspyr, Redstorm neither UbiSoft. For help please visit our forum.
  • Island Thunder Mac is full network compatible with the PC version.
  • The system requirements of Island Thunder are above the original system requirements.
  • You are converting and running Island Thunder at your own risk.
  • If you have problems with Island Thunder post them here!


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