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Downloading from FilePlanet by *DAMN Mauti 19.2.2003

You have problems to download our files from FilePlanet!?

Since december 2002 FilePlanet requires that you sign up once. Don't worry it is free and you even don't get any advertise mails if you uncheck the relating boxes.

Once signed up you can download all files from FilePlanet but attention there are 2 download possibilities. Private server which require that you pay and Free Public server. Often the public server are hidden at the bottom of the page. So if you only see private servers scroll down the page and you probably will find one or two public server.

Known problems: the Apple Macintosh Internet Explorer seems to have troubles with the FilePlanet page design. In MacOS9 all servers appear totaly screwed at the bottom of the page. Furthers sometimes to many guys want to download something from the public servers so you have to wait in line. The Mac Internet Explorer doesn't show the Let's wait in line button so you can't wait. As a consequence I suggest you to use Mozilla, Chimera, Netscape...

For PC users IE should work fine.


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