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[2 cb's] - [5.2.2002 ; 5:33 pm - by *DAMN zak]
IAM defeats FBI in a 2v2
FBI wins a 2v2 vrs OC
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the Crom | 21.2.2002 ; 12:57 pm
Hey Snake;;

Nuff said, lets play!

(actually crom is a cool name too.)
FBI Snake | 20.2.2002 ; 6:59 pm
oops i mean crow hehe
FBI Snake | 20.2.2002 ; 6:56 pm
i am commander of FBI also first i would like to say IT A FRICKING GAME GROW UP and yes -Disney- beat us but by one point. score was 4-1-5. it was a good game but they camp to munch but there is no rule against that.so good job. next i would like to say |OC| is a cheep clan and your comments mean nothing. there is also nothing wrong with {IAM} i know Crom and he is not a homo. {IAM} is FBI friends if you guys want to fight about some gay CB's then fine. just rember every body has an off day and a on day. and the -Disney- CB did not count because they did not let me have C4, i asked but there was asses on both sides that kept talking that was both clans fault. i blame VooDoo for starting this shit it is a game and a damn battle leauge you win some and you lose some so what. even so voodoo is right {IAM} has no right to say they humped FBI had an off day, if {IAM} would like i will arange a CB with Nexus and sixhits let us know. keeper has his rights to say that it was the 1st CB they won we did the same on FBI site. one thing i would like to say is -Disney- as dum as the name and clan seems(no offence) it is more mature than all of us here. VooDoo starting this stuff and Crow going over bord. and if CIA got it's old team back they would die, hehe funny but true we all sucked back then
theCrow | 20.2.2002 ; 3:16 pm
Dude! What on earth was THAT comment for??

And you did start this with, "just so you know, I won that cb for you....."

Man, chill OUT. I am taking a piece of advice and just forgetting this whole thread. I
FBI_Commander VooDoo | 20.2.2002 ; 8:29 am
I have just 2 things to say...
1.)Crow you are gay, ur name should be "the Homo"
2.)Tinkerbell, you just made my gayness list, but with a name like that you didnt really need to say anything to me. Now, if you actually read any of the posts below you would see that I did not start this. Mind your buisness!! As far as the cb with Disney i was willing to be nice and was nice and professional with my original protest, I dont know why you are giving me crap and involving yourself in something you dont know anything about because if you followed the *DAMN RULES OF CLAN BATTLEING in the 1st place I wouldnt be writing this, would I?
theCrow | 19.2.2002 ; 8:12 pm
Hey TB;

thanks for the comment. I'm glad we did win, it would be a bit disconcerting to lose against someone called "Tinkerbell" (kidding)

You guys gave us a good match, and you're right, they should be friendly. sometimes CBs are too damn serious.

It is funny though, you can play perfect all night, and choke when you CB.
-DisneY- Tinkerbell | 19.2.2002 ; 4:54 am
Hello everyone,
I saw that FBI Voodoo is not being nice here too. I read everything and i have some things to say.
1) We lost against IAM, we won against FBI...
2) Voodoo i hear u saying that someone is making his clan look ridicoulus but ur the one who really is, the people of FBI we battled where really nice people but why do u always want to make a mess of everything?
3) It was nice playing against IAM great games but FBI too by the way I hope it will stay that way.
4) We need practise.
5) I like to ask every clan to battle the clan i am in some good friends in my clan need experience I think battles are good cause it gives pressure.

bbye ill see you on the battlefield ^__^ haha
theCrow | 14.2.2002 ; 3:48 pm
...and as a matter of fact, I posted in the drop box and on our website that you guys were good players and thanked you for the CB. Jesus you're a jerk.
the Crow | 14.2.2002 ; 3:11 pm

A) I'm not the leader.
B) What did I do to you except point out your lack of sportmanship with your original post comment. As for me sucking. I did win, so if I suck.....

One on one? Best of 20??? One obs each? Any time.
Typhy | 13.2.2002 ; 6:38 pm
Well, Nice job you guys. Congradulations, lol VooDoo, Don't you hate it when you get in a cb and then play really bad? I did that Aganst M7. lol
FBI_VooDoo | 13.2.2002 ; 2:24 pm
VooDoo bites his lip badly!!!

Keeper...ur absolutely right, my hat off to you, much respect to you, Fluc and ur clan, but u need a new leader, CROW U SUCK.
asdf | 12.2.2002 ; 3:17 pm
stfu u stupid canadain... canada sucks u cunucker
The Crow | 12.2.2002 ; 3:11 pm
My last word on the subject. Keeper was showing a bit of pride that we won. No insult to anyone.

You, little man, (and I use the term man loosely) posted that we only won because we gave it to you. It was a petty, low-brow, poor-sport comment.

I just re-read the whole thread, and no where did I "bitch". I simply pointed out what a bad sport you are. Voodoo in my original post of the CB results, I posted that you were good players, What I forgot to post, (which I will now remedy) is that you are a twit.

And Nexus...I'll take that bet any time, just to see if you are that good. And if you win, I'll take my hat off to you.

*Damn. I apologise for using up your bandwidth on this. Thanks for the ladder. You guys rule.
Chief Nexus | 12.2.2002 ; 2:23 pm
From now on...no cbing without nexus...lol
I can take about 4 of IAM members on at the same time and win...yes, I'm that good.

If ult happens to read this: SFTU, u know its true
{IAM} The Keeper | 12.2.2002 ; 7:01 am
VooDoo I Am Sorry If I Offended You. I Guess You Are Not Ready For A Little Compitition. It Was Our First Win I Was Merly Expressing My Happiness That We Won. You Say That I Am Unsporstman Like. You Are The One Saying That You Won It For Us. W/E, Not Our Fault You TKed Your Own Man. That Is Part Of The Game. Just Like The Game Sometiemes Lag... Deal With It. FBI Has Been A Well Respected Clan For A Long Time, I Can Except That. Don't Under Estimat Us. We Have Some Really Good Players On Our Team. We Just Need Practice Playing As A Team. When We Have A Few CBs Under Our Belt And Are Able To Work As A Team I Would Be Happy To CB FBI In A Rematch. No Matter What The Out Come I Can Promise You That We Will Put Up A Good Fight, And Who Knows, Possibly Even Win... Again.
And Romulus Stop Dwelling On The Past. There Is New Clans, New Players... If You Got Your Team Back Together, You Prolly Will Lose. OoA Is Really Good, KotA Is Also Good, And IAM Is Working There Way To The Top.
Romulus | 12.2.2002 ; 6:21 am
Ha! VooDoo can kick you @$$ ANY day! He was my 1337 back in the day (Over the summer) and we never had a problem loosing after he joined.... In fact, when we played a 4v4 with me, VooDoo, Sheep and Snack, we never lost...

IAM - Luck happens. Not offten. Prepare to be terminated.

OC - STFU and take it.
VooDoo | 11.2.2002 ; 8:12 pm
your petty bitching doesnt reflect well on your clan or here.

I only responded to the original unsportsman like message by Keeper, look, its at the bottom.

Now you are creating a bad name for yourself and your clan with this, and the way you have been treating (unt.

Clean it up!!! Jackoff

I apologize to *DAMN, this will be my last post
TheCrow | 11.2.2002 ; 12:03 pm
Oh, and the current ladder does not reflect our latest victory.
TheCrow | 11.2.2002 ; 12:02 pm
Yeah, we need to play more to get higher, but hey, you did getyour ass kicked. Instead of taking it like a man, look at the crap you post. You gave it to us. Yeah whatever.

In addition to being a poor sport, you are also yesterdays news.
asdf | 11.2.2002 ; 12:01 pm
its a fucking game bitch
FBI_Lord VooDoo | 11.2.2002 ; 10:37 am
lol, we need practice???maybe...but look whos talking,*cough* scoreboard, 13th place, 1 and 4,000,000 *cough*
The Crow | 11.2.2002 ; 10:14 am

Bite me. Nice Sportmanlike comment. We came, we saw, we won, we humped, you left with your tail between your legs.

Nice try, keep practicing.
canada | 9.2.2002 ; 3:11 pm
canada sucks
*DAMN zak | 7.2.2002 ; 4:42 pm
blame canada....
Lord VooDoo | 7.2.2002 ; 12:54 pm
IAM, good job on ur 1st win, but, just so u know, I won that cb for You guys. I had my worst outing ever and tk'ed my teamate not once but twice. can you say rematch!!!! Can you say slaughter. muhahahaaha
[IAM] The Keeper | 7.2.2002 ; 7:39 am
I Am Is The Best Clan On Rogue Spear. Just Wait We Will Climb Our Way To The Top And All Shall Bow Before Us. Long Live Canada.
|OC| Slytherin | 7.2.2002 ; 4:23 am
It Was All Luck !!!
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