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[RvS Adv Round 2] - [7.4.2006 ; 10:45 am - by *DAMN Mauti]
Some important things for the next Raven Shield round tomorrow:

All countries worldwide have now daylight saving time. So the schedule times are again as posted in the rules.

You and your clan needs to be online in GameRanger at 7:00pm CEST = 1PM EST(New York) = 10:00AM (Los Angeles). Join the *DBL administration room so we know you are there.

The first time slot starts 15minutes later. Of course if your clan and your opponents are coming already earlier you can start earlier to cb and may have more time to finish the cb.

At all we have to abort each time slot after one hour according to the *DBL rules. Of course we always add some tolerance time, but be aware that if you don't finish the cb on time we have to abort it and the current score counts. We have to do this to avoid that all following schedules are getting messed up.

As it is written in the *DBL rules: if you and your clan doesn't show up on time, you receive a forfeit loss, or if not all of your members are online you maybe have to play shorthanded. So in your own interest be there on time and also remind your clan mates to do so.

There are many schedules planned for tomorrow. So please be on time!

For your schedules just click on the schedules on your right or take a look at the *DBL rules.

Good luck everyone,

*DAMN Mauti and the *DBL administration
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