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[Almost halftime] - [7.4.2006 ; 9:26 am - by *DAMN Mauti]
Tomorrow the second Raven Shield Advanced round gonna start.

Time to look at the recently most active ladders:

The Raven Shield CQB ladder is going to be very exciting, right now Virus and :we: fight for the top position. c| is already a few points behind and then comes the rest. If you take a look at the matchlist you gonna see a lot of activity. Btw we are aware that the ranking is screwed in the table. The scorings are correct, we are working on the problem, which seems to be a strange index issue in our database.

Last weekend the second Ghost Recon Advanced round took place and we have seen a lot of exciting cbs. Unfortunaly we had to abort a few cbs due the time deadlines after an hour of action, if schedules follow behind. Nevertheless nothing has been decided yet and this week a few non-scheduled cbs were fought. So let's take a look at the rankings:

After -sP and 3ID pulled out last weekend some wins for Po)|, TRIBE and animals needed to be nullified. Further Po)| lost some cbs. But they didn't gave up and with some recent wins versus :cO:. and {E} they are back in the role of the leader.

Very close behind is a bunch of clans, namely *, [a], and -7in, all are 1 win behind Po)|. Another win behind are popular clans like :cO:. and {E}. Then comes TRIBE, where we unfortunaly had to abort some cbs, that went overtime. We regret this but to all clans on scheduled weekends we have to abort a cb after an hour, to not all sequenced cbs become a mess.

Although only outsider chances :s:. and ~W~ still have chances to get into the top 4 clans and qualify for the SuperFinals. There non-scheduled cbs and the next round is probably deciding.

So as you can read, nothing has been decided yet. Almost all clans have chances to win the Mainseason or proceed to the SuperFinals, which will be played as best of 3 cbs series taking place on saturday and sunday. Dates can be found on the right side.

What's next? Tomorrow the second Raven Shield Advanced round gonna start and similiar to the Ghost Recon Advanced ladder all clans are still very close together. Right now Virus is defending his top position but already tomorrow everything can be upside down. So more about the outcome of the second RvS round on sunday after all games have been played.
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