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[Week #1] - [1.7.2006 ; 12:09 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
So it's been over a week since the season started and we have already seen a few surprises.

KoS has been reactivated and participates at the RvS ladders. They even already beat Virus once. The second cb was lost very closely 6-5-2.

Newcome AGC showed a lot of activity and improved their skills with each cb.

However what are all GhR clans doing? Get some cbs done!

The tourney's will only be hold if there has been enough activity.

Btw because it was asked in the forums: you can still cb whenever you want. However if you never meet a clan in GameRanger or get refused, use the Challenge option in the *DBL forum to setup a cb easily.

Good luck and happy cbing ;-)
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