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[OS defeats IAM] - [29.1.2002 ; 5:04 pm - by *DAMN zak]
Os wins a 3v3 against IAM 6-2 in games 19-14 in kills

the **SBR** vrs [SAC] cb stats were tooken off the R6 ladder **NOTE, both teams have to agree that the cb will be counting for the BL ladder, make this CLEAR before hand.

-*DAMN zak
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*DAMN Elandrion | 30.1.2002 ; 8:52 am
nope - maybe you didn't select the "are you sure" button... hehe but if you entered something wrong, it's easier if you tell me and I correct it manually...
*DAMN Elandrion | 29.1.2002 ; 7:46 pm
damnit...assasin or ultimo, can you clean uo the r6 ladder, i entered something wrong, and somehow...i cant delete clans and readd them to start stats over (i can add them, could someone could of made it so i couldnt delete?)
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