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[Tournament update] - [18.3.2006 ; 4:34 pm - by :MoD:BFG]
firstly and most inportantly please note that since the latest GR update IP Joining is now not allowed and all games must be played though Game-ranger

Through out the Tournament I will have a Chat Room running on Game-Ranger where you may contact your sheduled clan and arrange details. Keep in mind that there are stick time deadlines for the tournament so id suggest making sure you are ready with time to spare for getting yourselves organized. We will have a team of Admins on throughout the evening to help.

Also to remember when hosting: The higher ranked clan chooses whether they want to host first or second.
Both of the hosts that you will use for the CB must be tested before you start CBing. First test the host who will host the 2nd half of the cbs then move to the host you are going to start with play you lagtest games and then start the actual cb. When you are done you are moving to the previously tested and agreed 2nd host. This means that nobody has any 'nasty' shocks moving to an untested server for the second part of a CB.
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