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[Situation report] - [15.3.2006 ; 10:15 am - by *DAMN Mauti]
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*DAMN Mauti | 17.3.2006 ; 8:58 pm
Yeah we - we just test it overnight and announce our decision tomorrow.

I think you misunderstood something: we never forced IP joining, we just allowed it in the case that you experience unusual high lag.
WeedWacker | 17.3.2006 ; 3:43 pm
GameRanger 4.5.1. was released which hopefully will resolve our problems. I think decisions such as the IP login one should be made by the players of the game, not by the admins. Thanks.
*DAMN Mauti | 17.3.2006 ; 12:05 am
Because Evill told us that he won't move back to the old version, and he doesn't know when all issues will be fixed, and most people want to play now.
WeedWacker | 16.3.2006 ; 3:40 pm
I think lagfree gaming will be impossible as everyone will be using their own voice solution. I don't see why the season can't wait until Evill restores the last known working version of GameRanger. This is BS.
*DAMN Mauti | 16.3.2006 ; 12:50 pm
It is an extra option if hosting doesn't work as expected and I guess lagfree cbing without GameRanger voice is better than vice versa.

At all this is a temporary possibility if you experience the host and join problems. If you don't you host via GameRanger.

If the GameRanger issues have been solved - we are going back to GameRanger only.
WeedWacker | 16.3.2006 ; 5:12 am
THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION! By IP'ing in, we are losing voice capability. This is a significant loss for our clan and is unacceptable.
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