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[Status notice] - [14.2.2011 ; 6:39 pm - by *DAMN Mauti]
It's been almost 5 years now that the *DBL is inactive. In early 2009 the private beta of the *DBL 2.0 went online, but never left that status, due time constraints and the changed Mac gaming community due the Intel release 2006.

If you are curious how the private beta and unfinished *DBL 2.0 looked like go here: http://www.damnr6.com/preview/dbl/

The design was never meant to be the final one. I just played around with typography changes, but as the beta testers said completely right the design was missing some contrast. The core of the completely selfdeveloped ladder CMS is still a good piece of code. I personally think the general requirements for a ladder have changed within the last years and some setup tweaks are required for a relaunch. Right now the once so successful *DBL is on hold for an indefinite period.

That's the reason why you can access the *DBL 1.0 nowadays again. You can check out the *DBL winners and clanbattles from the past.

Enjoy, I wish you all the best, cheers,

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